It’s showtime!

It is the day of the school Christmas concert, which is an eagerly awaited  event this term and should be well attended at school, as it is one of the most popular of the school calendar . In fact there was one year without a Christmas concert, on the basis that it distresses some of the autistic children, as it breaks from the normal routine, but there was an uproar amongst  the parents and so the following year, it was reinstated.

It is a well kept secret as to what Joshua’s class will be performing – all I know is that I had to send in a Christmas jumper or t shirt for the dress rehearsal last week. So I am looking forward to this morning off work to attend. Like many other parents, I have invited my Mum and sister along to share in the event, so it should be a busy audience. They have asked me what to expect but I know nothing, but I have explained that he is likely to be a prancer on the stage, dancing to a Christmas song. He usually looks like a reluctant star, unlike some of the more star struck pupils who adore the attention and wave to their parents in the audience.

Sadly there are some children at school who get upset by their parents’ presence in school . They seem to think that mum belongs at home and not in school, and her presence in the wrong context can create a meltdown of devastating proportions. As a result , these parents tend to stay away to avoid that risk, but they then miss out on the shared experience with other families.

By way of contrast, Joshua is always pleased to see me in school ; he tends to grin and point, sometimes calls me ‘mummy’, gives me a bear hug or a high 5 and then goes around each of the staff in turn to tell them that his mum is in the vicinity. I will never tire of that happy welcome. I hope that the additional presence of his granny and auntie does not over-excite him too much – we are now up to day 20 between tonic clonic seizures, so do not wish to take any unnecessary risks!

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