Out of control

I woke early yesterday morning and reached for my mobile to tell me the time, as it was still dark. Then I remembered that the night before I had killed my mobile : I was texting in the bath and put it on the side of the bath, but it slid off and into the hot water. I rescued it immediately and jumped out but the screen was full of zig zags. I put it in a bowl of rice in the airing cupboard as advised.

It felt very alien yesterday morning not being able to chat with other early bird friends or even blog on my phone. I really felt as though part of me was missing.

When I got to the office, I called the phone provider but we are not insured. My colleagues were confident that my SIM card would be safe and so I nipped home to retrieve it – thankfully I work 3 minutes away from home! A kind colleague fetched an old mobile from home and I was so relieved to see Joshua’s smiling face as we put the two together, as it meant my sim had remembered my wallpaper photograph.

So I grabbed the new phone and set off for my meeting, an hour away, confident that I was reconnected with the world and that it only needed charging up. However it needed wifi to re set itself so when I arrived, I was still in s communication vacuum. This made me anxious as Joshua had not had a seizure for three weeks and I was incommunicado. Then I reassured myself that if necessary school could use old fashioned landlines to the office and they would track me down at my meeting.

I was relieved to get away two hours later and head home, trying not to be too much of a dasher. As soon as I got back to our home wifi, the phone recovered and I was back in touch with the world. I was so relieved to see Joshua’s smiling face as his taxi pulled into the drive.

I was only without my mobile phone for about 20 hours but I have to admit to feeling bereft and out of control. So now the bathroom is a mobile- free zone so that a reoccurrence can be avoided. I have quickly taken personal communication for granted, that I can be reached , and can reach others, instantly at any time day or night. Having had that luxury, it is not one that I could give up lightly again.

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