Coffee, cake and chat

It was the second parent drop in/ coffee morning at school yesterday and we had twelve mums attend.  It was probably 80% the same mums as last time but with a few new additions. The tone was , for me, more relaxed this time in that they mostly came and stayed all morning rather than dipping in for a short visit, these mums were prepared to invest all morning. And we know felt as though we knew each other better too.

We sat in a large circle and chatted about a wide range of topics, some serious and others much more light hearted. But I was delighted that there were no awkward silences and everyone contributed and seemed to have a good time. One new mother arrived immediately seeking advice from us and she was given some ideas to pursue.

I initiated a discussion about the future of such an event in 2016 and we agreed to continue on a monthly basis moving forward, which suits me well too. I was happy that they wanted to continue to have a parent event at all and I think less frequent get togethers may make it stronger, as more may make the effort to attend. I hope that this core group of mums will help it to grow through word of mouth but at present, this is a manageable sized group and a friendly one at that.

I stayed in school all afternoon too and joined an ICT class, where six teenagers were designing their own Christmas cards and I was very impressed by their computer skills. They were cutting and pasting their own choice of images and text into cards for a recipient of their choice. By the end of the lesson they each had a card that they had designed to take away. My favourite showed a nativity scene with a comet flying across the sky up above the stable. 

Then I joined Joshua’s class in assembly where we celebrated the children’s successes from the week, sang happy birthday to a pupil and shared the Christmas decorations and mince pies that one class had made. It was a delight.

I gave the remaining baking away to the staff in Joshua’s class then took him home, after spending a full, and fulfilling, day in school.

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