A Fun, festive Sunday

Joshua’s Aunt, Uncle and two toddler cousins came for a pre-Christmas visit yesterday for lunch and to exchange gifts. Being  a sleepy teenager, he was still in bed asleep when they arrived at 11.30. His cousins looked up at him like a giant when I brought him downstairs dressed in his Santa jumper as he is a tall 5’10” these days. They sat and observed each other for five minutes before we went through to the dining room for lunch. Joshua did not eat any as he had only really just had his Weetabix, but he is very excited by pulling crackers so he loved that. To make the most of the cracker, we pull both ends and have to shout ‘bang’ the second time as the snap has gone. He is not interested in either the toy, hat or joke, but he loves to pull a cracker, so we have three boxes for the festive season!

After dinner, we went out to the local Festival of Christmas to look around. It was very crowded, I always feel as though I am pushing against the crowd with the wheelchair, so it feels like hard work. In the end you get drawn along with the crowd, so that it is difficult to stop at any stalls that interest you. I only made one purchase : a french hen tealight holder, which was lit as soon as we got home, much to my husband’s disapproval.

We watched the pipers piping as a local pipe band performed in the streets but then we went in such of a cafe that could seat eight of us, as Joshua’s hands were frozen. We walked away from the main thoroughfare as all of the convenient cafes were too busy and were not especially accessible with a double buggy and a wheelchair too! So we walked to the other end of town and even there we had to sit outside, in the drizzle, for our lattes, so that did not warm Joshua up at all.

We waved goodbye to our visitors in the car park and they headed home from there, it was a fun festive Sunday.


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