Manic Monday

We are lucky enough to have Yorkshire Grandma staying with us this week, which is lovely. I made us both some tea last night, which made a nice change as she usually feeds us! But it made childcare very simple yesterday, on a day when I needed to leave for work before 7.30am. I made Joshua’s porridge, laid his school uniform out and packed his school bag, writing in his home/school diary, but then I skipped out of the door, leaving Yorkshire Grandma to wake the Sleeping Beauty and to get him dressed and in his taxi an hour later.And the same will happen this morning as I have a repeat performance.

I finished my work, 90 minutes away from home, before 3pm and I drove to school , where the physiotherapist wanted to provide some refresher training for staff, and me, on how to put on Joshua’s splints correctly and how to complete his hand and leg stretches to extend his muscles. It was dark when I arrived at school and all the children had gone home , except Joshua who, when I got to the classroom, was surrounded by ladies and was loving the attention. He had the physiotherapist plus all of the Teaching Assistants who work with him and his Teacher there and apparently I had missed everyone taking their turn. He greeted me with a smile as he lay back on his padded bed, somewhat bewildered by being kept behind late at school. I was shown the leg extension exercises again and I promised to fit them into our busy schedule.

I then brought Joshua home again to Yorkshire Grandma, who had his evening meal waiting, while I went into the office for another hour to  print some papers off and to respond to some emails. Joshua had finished his tea when I got back and was asking for a bath, so we had an early bath and I completed his leg stretches while he was relaxed in the bath, although he gave me quite a look as if to ask what was going on, he had probably been stretched enough for one evening! He was ready for bed after his bath, so enjoyed an early night, allowing me to cook a stir fry for me and my guest and then I settled down to an evening of writing Christmas cards while enjoying some festive television.

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