Christmas Countdown

Today is going to be a busy day, but a day full of fun things hopefully. This morning will be the school carol service, when the whole school walks to the local church to sing Christmas carols together. This year I have asked Yorkshire Grandma if she would like to come with me and she has agreed. It will be an exciting morning and I have warned her that it might be the noisiest carol service that she has ever been to, but certainly for me, it  promises to be  one of the most fun too.

Then it will be back to work for the afternoon, my last day in the office of 2015, although I will be doing some working from home next week in between festive fun with Joshua, as he breaks up from school tomorrow until the new year. I will have to leave work by 5pm latest, as Joshua will be going back to school for the disco tonight. It will be another fun but noisy event with his peers from schoool, with loud music and hot dogs.

After that my husband and I are going onto a Christmas dinner with his manager and his colleagues, which promises to be a lovely evening, with plenty of good food , wine and good company to share. I will not be eating any traditional birds for my meal tonight , as a vegetarian, I will be sharing in a meat-free option. At some stage also I need to pack Joshua’s bag for his first full weekend of respite as he is being collected from school tomorrow afternoon and we will collect him at 10am on Monday morning, which sounds like a really long time apart, but we have lots of festive treats planned for our time without Joshua.

So today really marks the real start of my countdown to Christmas as there are fun things to look forward to everyday now until 25th of December. In amongst all of these festivities, I should also update you by telling you that today is day 28 since Joshua’s last full tonic clonic seizure, despite suffering from a cold at present, which I still find incredible, but I am trying not to question or analyse it too much now.

So from where I am sitting at the moment, the outlook for the short term at least, looks rosy.

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