A Christmas Carol

Yesterday’s Carol service with school did not disappoint and I took Yorkshire Grandma along with me. We walked with Joshua’s class from school to the church, which is around half a mile walk involving several roads to cross. The pupils excelled themselves by walking calmly and safely , chatting happily with the staff. 

The quaint church was full to the brim with pupils, staff and family supporters. We were treated to readings by a variety of readers who were each rewarded and encouraged by a round of applause. We sang a range of carols and the school choir also sang to us and all of the lyrics were signed too.We even had a nativity complete with an angel and donkey. This Carol service ran rings round any other that I’ve attended previously so I grinned about it all day.

There were some children who were overwhelmed by the church environment, the irregular Thursday routine or the presence of a parent and they had to either be calmed down or even to be taken outside or back to school. The minister struggled to get the silence that he requested during his parting prayers but it didn’t matter.

Then we negotiated the walk back to school, by which time many of the children were more tired.  They had the promise of a full school Christmas lunch to motivate them to walk back quickly.

The third full school event yesterday was the end of term school disco. They had a DJ playing music and offering games to entertain the children. It was a fun disco that was well attended by young juniors up to sixth formers in their best ‘ going out clothes’. What a great way to end the term and I felt privileged to share in two of the three celebrations.

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