Christmas Eve!

We are hosting Christmas dinner for my Mum and my parent-inlaws, and so I need to do the food shopping today, although the staples of turkey, potatoes and Christmas pudding are already in hand. Normally we would go food shopping last night all together, along with the rest of the world, but I was out at my work Christmas meal and Joshua decided to sleep all evening, to ensure his dad did not take him out to the supermarket!

So as I am awake and up early, I think that I will get there for the store’s opening at 6am so that I can go before both boys wake up, as it will be quieter and so much easier than later with Joshua in tow. He does not enjoy shopping at all, of any description but least of all food shopping. At least in the supermarket, he is trapped in a wheelchair, fixed behind a trolley, so he is limited in how he can protest. He tends to eat grapes or crisps as a distraction as we pass up and down the aisles. Whereas without him I can whizz up and down the aisles without any distractions and get the deed done.

I have been writing lists of the jobs that I still need to complete today, before our visitors arrive, so I am glad of this early start as it is still a fairly lengthy list. I am hoping that I get everything done early enough to be able to attend the local carol service. We do not need to panic too much about forgetting anything as our local supermarket will re-open on Boxing Day. I consider myself very fortunate that our offices are now closed from today until after new year and so, I do not need to return to work again until 2016.

Joshua will enjoy certain aspects of the festive season:

  • The family coming to visit will thrill him and he loves everyone being at home together
  • Pulling crackers at every mealtime, which continues to be so exciting that we have to pull both ends to get maximum value from the experience
  • Being able to sleep in until midday, with no need to get up before 8am
  • Some of the Christmas food, including the spectacle of the entrance of the flaming Christmas pudding, imagining the pipers piping it in for drama

But he has never shown any interest in opening or receiving presents, so we are not burdening him with too much. Without us going over-board, he already has quite a stash of parcels under the tree accummulating, he is a very lucky boy.


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