Merry Christmas everyone!

Joshua woke me up at 2.30 today saying ‘ go go go!’ So we opened his stocking as Father Christmas had paid a visit and decided that he had been good enough to deserve gifts . We tucked into a few chocolates and a bag of bbq beef hula hoops.  We enjoyed them then Joshua settled down in bed to enjoy Lion King after throwing my glasses away under the bed- no need to behave any more since Santa had already been, secretly in the wee small hours,   Not arriving with any fuss or drummers drumming!

He has had a familiar staring look in his wide- eyes which suggests to me that 35 days of no seizures may be our record, but what an unbelievable record!! If fitting became a once a month activity then our lives would be much simpler and less disrupted. There would be no need to cancel as many planned events and fewer mercy dashes to school.

I have been wearing a butterfly ‘wish string’ on my ankle since October and it broke yesterday. The deal is that you make a wish when you tie a knot in it and then when it breaks, the wish is due to come true. So let’s wait and see if my wish could possibly come true!!

This promises to be a busy day surrounded by family enjoying lots of food together. Present opening will take place , but I get much more pleasure out of choosing and giving the gifts than receiving them to be honest, so I hope that my parcels are well received and bring a smile to their faces.

Merry Christmas one and all 🌲🎅🏻🎆

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