Starting over

It does not give me any pleasure to be right, but Joshua had a seizure that knocked him off his feet on Christmas Day – his first since 19 November, so he enjoyed 35 seizure-free days! People have asked if it was the excitement of a visit from Father Christmas but I really do not think so, it had been brewing from the early wake up yesterday morning. He had worn his helmet all day as he was agitated,would not sit still and was constantly staring upwards, so that he was in and out throughout the day and it really felt that it was just a matter of time….

He had enjoyed pulling crackers at the table and had gobbled down his homemade tomato soup for lunch, but had rejected any turkey or Christmas pudding. He had fended it off until around 6pm, but I returned into the snug to find him lying on the floor twitching in a familiar way. He had neatly fallen backwards between the armchair and settee, avoiding hitting anything hard, so we rolled him into the recovery position and he lay on the floor, with a cushion under his head, for a while, before kneeling up. In a way it was a relief that the threatened seizure had finally broken through, as we could see its impact during the day.

Joshua sat next to his Nanna on the settee but even 30 minutes later, he was still trembling and so I had no option but to administer his emergency medication, to try to curtail the effects of the seizure. I use a syringe to get the anaesthetic into his mouth, to be absorbed through his gums, and then we wait for the shuddering to stop. I took him to his bed where I snuggled him, but I think I must have fallen asleep, as soon as my head hit the pillow as the next thing I knew was that it was almost 8pm but Joshua was staring next to me, so I am not sure if he rested at all, but he had made no attempt to get out of bed. I left him in bed to doze awhile longer.

Joshua got himself out of bed around 10pm but he was clearly still not really with us, he continued to demand ‘cake’, which had turned out to be chocolate that he had wanted earlier in the day. But I gave him some toast and a bowl of cereal. I feared that it was going to be an ‘all-nighter’  as one by one our guests went to bed, leaving us to it. But thankfully I did persuade him to bed sometime between 2 and 3am, 24 hours after we had got up!

As my sister, brother in law and niece are joining us today, for celebrations part 2, I really hope that he can rally today and enjoy  another family day. If anyone can tempt him out of his stupor, then it is the combination of his Granny, aunt and cousin so, fingers crossed…….


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