Boxing Day fun

Has it all finished now? It always surprises me how quickly the Christmas festivities pass by, after weeks of planning, shopping and wrapping. We had a great Boxing Day with my sister, niece and brother in law joining us for the day. Joshua was still asleep when they arrived at midday but as he heard his Aunt laugh, he sat up and decided to get up, after my powers of persuasion had not impacted on him at all. He was delighted to see them here and he really enjoyed their company, despite still feeling a bit washed out from the after-effects of his emergency medication the night before.

We re-enacted Christmas day as we pulled crackers again and ate another roast lunch, all around the big dining room table, only this time my sister provided two desserts which went down very well. After clearing away, most of us took six dogs for a walk down our lane to get some fresh air and then when we came back for a cup of tea, we played two new Christmas games : Sprout Roulette which involved me and my husband having to eat too many brussel sprout flavoured chocolates, which  left me feeling a bit sick,  and then a festive ‘Guess Who I am?’ game, which made us laugh a lot and Joshua loved it when the correct guess was made and he joined in with the cheer!

Then we had a giggle as my niece used her new selfie stick to take a family group photograph of us all surrounding a surprised Joshua on the settee. Lots were taken and there were some really good ones, reflecting the fun that we were having. Then our day visitors left and I had some time to ‘play with my presents’ before the routine of an evening meal and bathtime kicked in.

Joshua was on much better form yesterday, than on Christmas Day, like the bright days that often follow on from a storm, and now we start the count again, one seizure free day…..

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