Farewell Christmas

Been such a busy housefull, that it felt very quiet once our visitors went home yesterday morning. As I tried to find homes for all of the new gifts that we have received, dressed Joshua in one of his many new festive jumpers and put the Christmas tablecloth away, it really felt as though the festivities are over. Yet whenever I open the fridge, I am reminded that we still have a lot of food to eat up as we bearly scratched the surface of all that we bought. The kittens are still enjoying the fun of the Christmas tree, bopping the baubles that dangle in front of their eyes, they seem to think that it is a giant toy, put there purely for their pleasure. I love all of the pretty lights, both indoors and outside too at this time of year.

My husband drove his parents home and so Joshua and I had an afternoon out with a friend and her son, who wanted to try out his new Christmas bicycle. We wrapped up  and walked to the seafront with their gorgeous, well behaved dog – leaving our naughtier dogs behind – as it felt as though we had enough responsibility with an 8 year old on his new bike and Joshua in his wheelchair, without adding another dog into the mix. It was a beautiful sunny, crisp day with us – my thoughts go out to those many flood victims. When we reached the sea, the promenade was busy with families walking off their Christmas excesses and we sat at a cafe enjoying a hot drink or an ice cream! Their beautiful dog was so well behaved, apart from the muddy puddles he splodged in in the park,  and so touching how protective he was of his young owner, and of Joshua too.

This dog sadly shared epilepsy in common with Joshua and later last night, we heard the devastating news that he had begun fitting uncontrollably and he had died. It is still shocking this morning as we had had the privilege of sharing his last afternoon and he has been taken far too young. Joshua will be sad when he realises that his buddy is no longer around for cuddles and fun. It is just one more reason, as if I needed any more, why I hate epilepsy.



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