Anniversary for a blogger

A significant date today : 29 December means that it is now 7 months since I wrote my first blog!  During that time I have made 216 posts, which have been viewed 6584 times! I have in the last 7 months, only missed one day, and that was due to wifi problems on holiday and not because I had nothing to say! When I first set out, I did wonder if I would be able to sustain it and whether or not I had enough to say, but it seems that I have not had a problem. Who knew that I had this much material and inspiration?

Back at the start of June, I wrote about my battle for continence products for Joshua – in fact I think it is the only ‘rant’ that I have blogged. Well after months of chasing, trialling, moaning, nagging and emailing, I am told that a delivery of ‘superpants’ should finally be made tomorrow! But I will believe it when I see it and when I have them in my hands!

During the same window of time, we have fought for, trialled and tested the new respite provision, with Joshua enjoying his first full weekend there ten days ago. So the two key issues that I listed as priorities at Joshua’s Annual Review at school in June, have been resolved over the six months that followed. But neither fell into our nap, they both required persistent nagging so that they happened and they have been pursued at the expense of other issues perhaps.

Also during the last 7 months that I have been blogging, Joshua has recently enjoyed his longest respite from seizures – 35 days seizure-free ended on Christmas Day. This would have been inconceivable back in May when a 10-11 day break was the best that he managed. So it remains to be seen if that was a one off or whether, fingers crossed, it has become his new template.

So, reflecting back, the last 7 months have been a successful period in the life of Joshua and his ‘ups and downs mum’ and I am looking forward to seeing what the next seven months will bring!


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