New Year’s Eve reflections

Time to reflect on the year gone by and the year ahead on New Year’s Eve! I am not one for making rash resolutions for changes that I wish to make for the upcoming twelve months, as that seems simply to set up to fail. But there are things that I would like to improve in the year that I turn 50:

  • I plan to return to Slimming World and to try harder to adhere to the healthy eating plan; I started well this year but lapsed really when the clocks changed and I could no longer cycle to work as my Body Magic. A set of bike lights would make that option available to me again as I am sure it helped, even if I only occasionally use my bicylce rather than driving everywhere
  • I have five best friends and I plan to be a better friend to each of them by keeping in touch more. I heard just recently that Best Friend number one, from my childhood, is very poorly over in USA. I have been thinking of her a lot since I heard and I hope and pray that she remains strong through her treatment. I hope that she reads this somehow as she has just moved house and as yet, I do not have a means of writing to her or calling her
  • I am going to continue to fight as best I can for whatever Joshua needs to help him to maximise his potential. We may well have cracked the respite and continence product battles in 2015, but there will be other decisions to make and wars to wage in 2016. I do not even know what those issues may be yet but whatever life throws at us, I am ready to face it head on. I plan to dig out my notes from a Beginners Signing course that I went on years ago, to see if I can develop that additional means of communication
  • I hope that my Parent Drop ins/coffee mornings at school go from strength to strength in the coming year, as the first two have gone well, so I am encouraged that it is a good idea. I am hopeful that ,by being a monthly event,  more parents will be able to attend and that we can mutually support each other better.

With all of that ahead in 2016, it is going to be another busy year!

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