Happy New Year!

Together we find ourselves at the very start of another year, 2016. Joshua clearly wants to enjoy every minute of 2016 as he is refusing to sleep, so I fear that another seizure may well be brewing. We have altered his routine on New Year’s Eve of course, by encouraging him to stay up until after Midnight and ignoring his regular requests for a bath, so perhaps it is no wonder that I am sitting in the lounge, waiting for him to close his eyes , so that I too can get some much needed sleep.

We had friends over to see the new year in with us and we sent the darkest-haired one outside at five to midnight, to bring us a piece of coal and a horse shoe in with the new year to bring us luck this year- If only it were that easy! Then we linked arms to sing and dance to Auld Lang Syne and Joshua beamed throughout, really enjoying the fun and the adventure.He asked for bed after 1am and so we said our goodnights and retired to bed. But he proceeded to kick and pinch me in his endeavours to get out of bed. After about an hour, I gave up and we came downstairs where I had a cup of tea and Joshua ate four weetabixes, just in case it was hunger that was keeping him awake.

We went up to bed again but I was similarly pinched and Joshua shouted out ‘go!’ and ‘cow’ and so I brought him back downstairs, eventally, and he has watched  ‘The Movie’/Madagascar from start to finish. But now it is after 5am, my usual getting up time, and yet my eyes have not yet closed.  So this is not the best start to the new year that I have ever had, but onwards and upwards , we will face whatever 2016 has in store, even if it involves a few more sleepless nights!

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