The aftermath

Christmas is well and truly behind us now, the decorations are all coming down and being packed away and we are heading back home, getting our heads back into work and school mode. This holiday always flies especially fast for me, even though we are all fortunate enough not to have to work between Christmas and new year. I think it is because they are such busy days in the run up to Christmas, so they never feel much like holidays and then the days afterwards pass by in a blur, I never know what day of the week it is. I am sure that Joshua will enjoy seeing his friends and the staff again at school as he embarks on the Spring term, during which he will incredibly turn 15 years old!

The tell-tale signs that it has been are the large quantities of treats still lying around, untouched, like chocolate biscuits, crackers and varities of cheese and bottles of wine and beer, so nothing healthy. It will be difficult trying to eat healthily until we have either eaten those treats or given them away. Our fridge is testament to the amount of food that is bought and sadly, wasted too.

I have written most of my Thank You letters now, so that has been better this year as I like to aim to have thanked key people before I return to work. I read yesterday however that the Thank You letter is dying out, and that typically grandparents will receive a text or email to express their gratitiude. I still think that there is nothing close to receiving a hand written letter in the post, showing that the person took enough time and effort to sit down and pen a note and I would regret if it was an art that died out totally, due to the rising cost of stamps.

The next thing is how long it will take me to remember that it is 2016, how many times will I use the wrong year? This will be the year that, by September, I will have been around for half a century and I am hoping to celebrate this big birthday in style and over a long period. Some of my peers dread this big birthday, but I intend to make the most of it.

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