On my toes

The problem that we have on our hands now is that Joshua woke up yesterday morning before 4am; he was wide awake and lively and refused to stay in bed or to go back to sleep. So we came downstairs and had an early breakfast and he watched Shrek on my iPad. He climbed the stairs 4 hours later and fell back to sleep in bed. It was a useful wake up call, although two hours too early, as I needed to pack up and clean after our holiday. Joshua and I both slept on the journey back home as a result of our early start.

Joshua fell asleep almost immediately on getting home, he curled up on the settee and remained there all afternoon and into the evening. He woke up around 9pm when he had cereal and toast as he had missed his lunch. But then of course he was reluctant to go to bed by midnight. We lasted there until 1.30, I know that I slept briefly but I cannot vouch for Joshua. So here we are again…..

That being said , we were finally rewarded for a long battle today : we had a delivery waiting for us when we got home today. We had received a delivery of the continence products that I started chasing for on 9 june 2015. I am delighted to report that six months of meetings, chasing, complaining and product trials have finally got the result that we wanted – nappies that are fit for purpose overnight. This seemed to be an obvious problem to solve but procurement contracts meant that the continence nurse’s hands were tied and we had to prove to Bowel and Bladder Health that we needed a different solution to the one that they were offering. But we jumped through the many hoops that were set for us and , much to my relief, we got there in the end.

This is the last day of Joshua’s Christmas holiday from school, so he should be making the most of his last lie in until the weekend. I had planned to work from home this morning, while he slept, and then we have arranged to meet a friend this afternoon, but it now seems that I may need to re-think my morning. Joshua does like to keep me on my toes, by being unpredictable.


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