Back to school, back to books

First day back at work and school today is always challenging: Joshua has been used to sleeping in until late morning at best during his school holidays, but often until lunchtime! Yet today,and indeed all week, he needs to be awake, dressed and breakfasted by 8.15 so that will be challenging. He seeemed however to sense that it was a school night last night and he happily went to bed by 8pm. However by 3.30am, he had woken up alone downstairs and had climbed the stairs looking for me, pleased with himself when he tracked me down and climbing into bed next to me, so neither of us really slept much after that.

We had a perfect afternoon out yesterday : he had slept all morning, obligingly, so that I could write my work report and then we went straight out as soon as he was dressed. We went to visit friends under an hour away, picking her up from work and driving her home where we enjoyed tea and cake. Joshua has known this friend since he was a toddler and her daughter played with Joshua regularly until they moved away when he was still at mainstream school, but we have kept in touch. As young children,these two had a special connection and I was thrilled to see a photo of the young pair in their lounge, a happy day out with her stroking Joshua’s chubby cheeks as she always loved to do. she will always have the accolade of being the only child that Joshua ever spontaneously spoke to when he was three years old, we arrived at a playgroup after a hurried lunch and he had rushed up to his friend as we arrived and said ” Look at my face!” which was smeared in bean-juice – I had beamed with pride!  She will be 15 years old this week so has grown into a beautiful young lady, which Joshua did not fail to notice yesterday.

Joshua rejected the ginger cake that I had baked for our get-together but was happy for my friend to pass him crisps one by one and then when he had had his fill, he demanded ‘cake!’. We were able to catch up on everyone’s news, sharing and listening and then we left after two hours of non-stop chatter and much laughter. It was a very happy afternoon and the perfect ending to a good, sociable school holiday.

So lets see what today brings, it always feels odd after holidays sending Joshua off to school, having been responsible for him for 24 hours a day for the last two weeks. Today is day 11 since his last seizure, which until last month was a magic number, but now I am confident that he can push past 11 days and beyond!

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