Early fun and games again

Of all things to happen tonight, while we are staying overnight at Granny’s house- once again Joshua is wide awake at 3am and wandering around downstairs exploring the various rooms. He has eaten a bowl and a half of porridge and I have encouraged him back to bed to look at some books.  But he is insisting on a bath which has become his favourite early morning activity! So the water is running as I write, I have given in after refusing his request for an hour now.

We are at Granny’s house on a midweek school night because my husband and I are attending the funeral of a school friend who sadly died of cancer on Boxing Day. Joshua will stay with Granny, while we go to the church service to celebrate his short life. My husband and I have been reminiscing over our memories of this friend and the fun we had at youth club together. He has left behind a young family who will be in shock as he was only diagnosed with the demon cancer in Early December. So we will try to celebrate, as he wanted, while feeling shocked and sad. It should also be an opportunity to meet other school friends and to exchange memories.

On getting into his warm bath, Joshua was not relieved to have won his battle, in fact he said ‘bed!’ When he lay down in the bath, so I am pretty sure that he is playing games with me. I am hoping that after he has had his bath, that we will be able to go back to bed for a few more hours sleep , but who knows?

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