A fond farewell

The funeral yesterday was incedibly moving, mainly due to the number of people who attended; our friend attracted over 200 guests to his funeral, it was standing room only at the back of the church, which is a testament to how many people’s lives he touched. At the pub afterwards, I met two friends from my high school class and we were able to reminiss so much so that it felt like we were 16 again, not on the brink of our 50th birthdays! It was a highly emotional day and our mutual friend who had died, would certainly have enjoyed the celebration of his life and the party afterwards too.

Of course it has made us both reflect on the fragility of life, he was playing badminton at the start of December, on the face of it healthy, and yet by Boxing Day, he had died as he was diagnosed with cancer throughout his body, having had a narrow escape from cancer three years ago. I would like to think that we have a different outlook on how we fill our days now, my husband was talking about walking The Pennine Way before he is too old, on the way home, as that has always been an ambition of his.

I, being less energetic than him, have determined to see old friends more often and to tell them, while we are all alive, how much they mean to me, so that it does not wait until another funeral, when it is essentially too late! We will see if I am able to see that through but I made progress last night when we got home and thanked two friends for their friendship!

Sadly Joshua had a seizure on the way home , so he only managed 13 days between seizures this time and we start re-counting today! As a result we are having another sleepless, restless night when he is hopping in and out of bed regularly, thank goodness it is almost the weekend when we can all catch up on some missing hours of sleep.

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