Sleeping Beauty

Year after year I have had to cancel plans becuase of the demon epilepsy and yesterday was no exception : Joshua and I were up and awake all night, until he finally gave into sleep at 6am and curled up on the armchair until 2pm! So I had to cancel transport to school, as I wasn’t prepared to wake him again so soon, I had to let school know that he would not be in and I had to cancel my planned haircut that I had booked in for my day off. Once I had cancelled all of those plans, I could then settle down for a nap too. I felt lots better after just an hour’s sleep, I didn’t need the eight hours that Joshua demanded. Although I have to admit that I grabbed another 40 winks in the afternoon.

But when Joshua did wake up, thankfully he was smiley and lively, back to normal, so it was just what he needed to recover from the seizure the day before. So we are re-counting seizure-free days and today is Day 2! I need to re-adjust my expectations as, once I would have been delighted by 13 days between seizures, but we have been well and truly spoilt by his 35 day record that ended on Christmas Day. Now that he has proved that he is capable of going over a month without a seizure, that is what I was hoping for this time.

There was a concern that as he had slept most of the day, that he might struggle last night too but we had a bath and were tucked up around 10.30, quick story, then I was certainly fast asleep by 11pm. I am delighted to report that I slept all night long until after 7am, and Joshua is still asleep now! So I got eight hours sleep, which is a great start for catching up on all of the hours I missed out on this last week. Hopefully equilibrium will be restored by the end of this weekend!



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