Welcome back Yorkshire Grandma

Bound to be a busy week, as it is Joshua’s first full week back at school, after only managing 2 days there last week with one thing and another. But the great news is that tonight we get Yorkshire Grandma back living with us!! Joshua will be so thrilled to see her after school I am sure, as he has not seen her since 18 December, as she has been staying with her daughter and family since then, for Christmas. She will stay with us until the weekend when she can get back into her mobile home for the rest of the year. I have made her bed, put some daffodils in her room and made us all a fish pie to welcome her back! We really enjoyed having her to stay in December and we have lots to catch up on, I am hoping that her first Christmas as a widow was not too sad.

So this week I will have the luxury of a live-in nanny again, which will be a treat as we have had no assistance with childcare over the holidays and last week. But it is a bit like buses, in that several come at once, as next weekend Joshua will be back at his respite provision too and we are planning to go away while we can. This will be the first time that he will be collected from school on Friday afternoon and brought back to school on Monday morning, which sounds like an eternity to me right now, as I will not see him until after school on Monday evening. So that sounds like another weekend when I can store up some sleep too, or at least, any wakefulness will be my own doing rather than his!

Yesterday Joshua stayed fast asleep until lunchtime, and even then was not very energetic in the afternoon. So I was not expecting him to want to sleep much last night; he went to bed with me at 11pm but I had a rude awakening just three hours later, when I was woken by Joshua kneeling on my bed, pulling clumps of my hair and requesting ‘tea’, so I guess he was hungry as he missed out on a meal yesterday, with being asleep! So we have been up since 2am and he is full of beans, thnk goodness for the last two decent nights’sleep that I have enjoyed and roll on friday night!

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