Emotions running high

To hear the nation mourn the death of David Bowie yesterday was quite incredible, he and his music clearly touched many people’s lives. On the radio and TV all day, people who had never met the man told us what his life and death had meant to them. I too  was saddened by the news and enjoyed the exposure to his music whenever I got into the car, but I do think that as a nation, we have an odd reaction to the death of celebrities. Somehow, fans felt as though they knew the man through his music and lyrics and they take the grief so personally.

It was yet another life taken prematurely by cancer however, and that is what struck me most. My primary school best friend , who lives in USA, is about to embark upon her journey with cancer as she begins chemotherapy treatment next week. She called me to tell me before Christmas and I have kept in contact ever since, as it is now, more than ever, that she needs her friends I feel. We have had more conversations since then, than we have had for over 30 years, and I will continue to bombard her with letters and emails throughout her expected year of treatment so that she knows that she is in my thoughts. But it is at times like these that we feel the geographical distance, as I am prevented from giving her the hug that I want to give, so I can only hug her virtually, with my words and concern.

We got Yorkshire Grandma back last night after school and Joshua was suitably delighted, despite being exhausted, so rather than jumping about, he simply snuggled into her on the settee, with a contented look on his face. He was tucked up in his bed before 8pm, so hopefully almost 12 hours sleep will sustain him through this week. I even got over six  hours sleep, so I am getting topped up too. We both only managed two days at work/school last week, so mastering a five day week is our goal, even though I have explained to Joshua that he ought to be awake for more of it, for it to really count, it is not simply enough for him to be present, but snoring in the corner but we shall see…..



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