Respite on my mind

A week in our lives seems to fly be in a flash, I cannot really believe that we have reached Thursday again and that tonight I will be packing Joshua’s bag for his second full weekend of respite. I will wave him off tomorrow morning and will not see him again, assuming all goes to plan, until after school on Monday! That feels like a really long time right now but I guess it needs to be long enough to justify the 90 minute car journey there and it will give us a real chance to relax too nad him a decent stay to be able to adjust and make the most of the experiences that they can offer him. I know that I have found in the past that it is the school mornings that seem really calm without him to get ready, so Monday morning should be super relaxed and I may well be early into the office too. As I have slept better this week than last, or at least my wakefulness has been my own doing rather than Joshua’s.

So far we have planned to go away for the weekend and maybe to go to the cinema too, but as with most of my plans, it may change as Joshua’s grandad was taken into hospital the night before last so we shall see how things pan out, but at least, with the knowledge that Joshua is being taken care of, we have much more flexibility than usual. So that feels rather liberating, which I guess is the whole point of respite.

Joshua’s care package is to get one weekend in four away at the respite provision, so I have all of the planned dates on my calendar now so that we can plan around them. Although the February weekend falls into half term and as we usually go away then, we may well have to give that one up. I asked if there was any flexibility to swap but there isn’t, sadly, so that will be an 8 week inetrval between stays but with a family holiday in between, so I have no complaints. It is not as though we need rid of Joshua to reserve our sanity as he is so demanding, but more these are weekends when we can focus on what we need/want rather than the weekend revolving around him, even if that is nothing more exciting than catching up on missed sleep!

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