Seeking silver linings

Cheeky Joshua is smiling at me from across the snug, even though he got me up – more hair pulling! – at 1.30am. Unfortunately, a week after the last seizure, Joshua had two in school yesterday and he was threatening more,so I left work to go and bring him home, after lunch.

I like to try to keep positive, and so whenever something bad happens, I try to look for a silver lining. It is not always easy to find them but I try really hard, but yesterday, I managed to come up with three :

  • That Joshua was getting his seizures out of the way ready to be fit, well and happy at respite this weekend. It was better that he had them while at school, where he could be safely looked after by staff who know him well. The epilepsy care plan at his respite provision is that, if he needs his rescue medication, that they will have to call for an ambulance
  • That he kindly waited for me to have finished my lunch out with a colleague, I was just finishing my second cup of tea, when his teacher called to tell me about the second seizure. She had already told me that he was resting after his first seizure and so I had taken my mobile with me to the cafe, half-expecting another call. But thankfully, I was not about to start my lunch and, even worse, I wasn’t at the other side of the country working, so he made it as convenient as he could.
  • That the two seizures were not as severe or long enough to warrant him needing his emergency medication, as that wipes him out for two days. When I got him home, he was happy and pleased to be there. The only complication is that it has disturbed his, so my, sleep patterns. Last Friday that was manageable because it was my day off so I was able to catch up on sleep during the day. But today I have given up my day off to go on a training course, so I am hoping that I manage to stay awake.

There have only been a few instances when I have not been able to find any silver linings at all and I find that it is a useful coping strategy in my unpredictable world; Joshua went off happily to school yesterday morning, with no obvious warning signs of what our day had in store. It is quite a test to be both spontaneous and decisive, when the call comes, but with practice, I am getting better at that.

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