Footloose and fancy-free!

One night without Joshua at home, done! When I got home yesterday around 5.15, I was floating on air due to overtiredness and I had sometime struggled to keep my eyes open during my prime ‘sleepy time’ between 3pm and 4pm. So after a cup of tea and a catch up with my husband, I had gone to bed for a nap, to feel normal again.  Two hours later, he woke me up and I felt refreshed then had a bath to complete my relaxation. These are two things that would have been much more difficult if Joshua had been at home, rather than at respite. I would have taken his presence and care into account, whereas respite meant only thinking of how I felt, when bed called .

I am sure that people would expect me to use respite to have a wild Friday night out partying, to make the most of my freedom from responsibility! But no, last night it was about taking the rest that I needed, then spending the evening in front of a roaring fire, watching television with my husband – not having to watch ‘The Show’ or to listen out on the monitor for a restless boy. It was about going to bed when we were ready and not when Joshua determined when that could be. It was about just spending time together.

Now that I am rested – I still woke up at 5am – I will be better equipped to enjoy the rest of the weekend only focussing on what we want to do. We are heading away today for an overnight stay, just the two of us, which will be a treat, even if I do fall asleep this evening too. This will be a very welcome break from responsibility and having fought for almost a year for it, this is a break that I do not take for granted at all.

Although I was enjoying my ‘me time’ last night, I had not forgotten my son completely and I rang for an update after my bath. He too was making the most of his relaxation as he was tucked up in bed asleep, as I was, at 7.30pm. They reported that he had arrived from school smiling, that he had eaten a full evening meal then had enjoyed some dancing before retiring to bed. This will be the longest time we have ever been apart now as I will not now see him until after school on Monday afternoon! I have already told Yorkshire Grandma that her after school services will not be required on Monday, that I will be waiting at the gate to see him and be re-united. While I am going to enjoy our time apart, I know that I will enjoy our re-union even more.

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