Then there were two….

We had a really fun ‘day off’ yesterday and I tried to think of things that are difficult to do when Joshua is with us : I started the day with breakfast at a friend’s house, I arived there at 6.50. We had a boiled egg breakfast and a good catch up and after doing some chores on the way, I was back home soon after 9am. We said good bye to Yorkshire Grandma, who has been with us all week but moved back into her home yesterday and then we packed a few bits and pieces to take away with us.

Unusually I got to sit in the front passenger seat on the journey, whereas usually Joshua has the navigator’s seat and I am in the back, so that was a treat as it was a clear, crispy day for travelling. Close to our destination, we stopped to take the dogs f0r a spontaneous walk aongside the river and the narrow, muddy path would not have suited Joshua, we had a leisurely mooch around the shops and then had lunch in a cafe on the first floor, where the steep steps would have excluded Joshua.

Just around 3pm, we approached another favourite river walk of ours that we have not been able to go on for years, because the tree roots andthe winding path make it unsuitable,  tricky terrain for our chariot. So we used the last hour of daylight to walk the dogs on a stunning round trip. Just as we arrived at the cottage, it started to snow and it continued all night, to give us several inches by bedtime, which always looks pretty. Within five minutes of being indoors, the coal fire was lit and the kettle was boiling and it was feeling like home. We had a lazy evening of TV, baths, tea on our knees and I tried really hard to keep my eyes open beyond 11pm!

I delibeartely did not ring Joshua’s respite provision, as I wanted to leave them to get on and not hound them, but I found myself wondering what Joshua was doing, all day long. I will call this morning I think to check that all is well, though I know that they would have been in touch if there were any issues.It is difficult to adapt to not checking on him constantly and even being here without Joshua feels odd. But as this is going to be a monthly arrangement, that it is a privilege that we will, I am sure, adjust to.

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