Super Sunday

We enjoyed a great Sunday and it was made all the more magical by the snow that lay on the ground. I started the day with a snowy walk through the village with our four dogs and no other people or footprints were bright , crispy snow. I chatted to my mum on the phone for a catch up then went to the local church, where I am always made very welcome – there were just 13 of us there, including the organist and minister! My phone vibrated in my coat pocket next to me during the sermon and I was shocked to see it was the respite provision calling at 11am so I leapt out of the pew and outside in the snow! They had left a voice mail message to ask me to call them, which is never good but I did straight away. Thankfully they wanted to tell me that he had a red, weeping left eye that I should get looked at by a Doctor. Although I do not like him to be ill clearly, I was mighty relieved that we did not have to do a 90 minute mercy dash to A&E, after a seizure, which is what my imagination had conjured up since seeing the call on my phone.

I sneaked back into church and felt like the sermon was speaking to me about my talents and how I am using them- fabulous wintery big challenge! I enjoyed a  cup of tea and two Cheddar biscuits with them after the service, then I wandered down to the local waterfall while I waited for my husband to collect me, as arrranged. We came home then decided to walk to the local pub for a sunday lunch , where we enjoyed a tasty carvery and even treated ourselves to a pudding each! Once we had walked back, we both had a siesta in front of the fire, to warm up.

It was on waking that I decided that I was not ready to leave and so planted the seed of an idea, that we stay another night and drive home early in the morning, ready for work. I left the suggestion hanging  and it took hold and next thing I knew, My husband was loading up the fire which we had been letting dwindle. With that exciting decision, I changed into my pyjamas before he changed his mind and I called the respite provision to check that all was well with Joshua : we had a long chat about how cheeky and adorable he is, how well he is settling in given that it is his second full weekend and how many activities they had packed into his day. Even his eye looked much better!

So it was buoyed up by this news and my own delight at staying longer, that I went to enjoy  my bath. All is well


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