All together again

It was a busy morning yesterday as I was up at 5am hoovering and packing up – this was our penalty for staying away an extra night! We left the cottage at 6am and I drove most of the way, and were home by 8.30. It was a mad dash to feed the hungry hens, cats and dogs then I was at my office for 9am start time. I had a busy morning, as I had last been at my desk last Thursday lunchtime, when I had taken the call from school to go and fetch a fitting Joshua home. I had a productive morning and then I met an ex-colleague, who had retired, for lunch, which was a fun, wonderful,brilliant catch-up.

I was distracted by the afternoon as I was conscious that Joshua was on his way home from 3.15 and I too left work at 3.35 to meet him. He was fast asleep on the back seat of the taxi when he arrived but I managed to rouse him and was greeted with a big smile. He was delighted to come inside and was fussed by our four dogs who had missed him too – four wagging, barking canines!  Within five minutes of being home, he had got comfortable and was insisting upon his Live 8 Show, which he had not seen for three whole days!! He was excited when I played his familiar U2 then Coldplay opening acts, as if he had never watched them before. He settled down to watch, with a bowl of Hula Hoops on his knee and all was right with the world again.

I poured over the details contained in his diary of the weekend, re-living his experiences while we were separated.Fabulous weekend,brilliant commentary – it was just as though I had been there. They had sought out a busker to enjoy on Sunday morning and had found a young girl who was nervous as it was her first time. Joshua had been very encouraging and appreciative, by jigging along in his wheelchair to her music, and afterwards she had taken a selfie with him! I do hope that he donated some of his pocket money to her hat!

I gave Joshua his tea, which he enjoyed, and then he curled up on the settee to dose away the rest of the evening, so his Dad never saw his eyes open at all by the time he got home later. I think we can judge his second respite weekend, the first weekend back in 2016, as a success for both Joshua and his grateful parents.

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