The Kittens coming of age

I was not intending being up at 3am but I have just been rudely awoken with Joshua grabbing hunks of hair and pulling them really hard to wake me. They say that sleep deprivation is a form of torture and certainly this new hair pulling trick is very effective too!  I asked him what he wanted and he replied ‘your dinner!’ in the darkness. So we are downstairs, he has had his weetabix with hot milk and I am now wide awake. He has been asleep so early these last few nights, that I gave him an early bath, straight after tea last night, so he had been in his bed since 6.30pm, so I guess he has already had almost 9 hours sleep.

We have the house to ourselves, as my husband has gone to visit his parents as his father is not well and he decided to stay overnight, to try to be helpful today too. Normally when we are up early, I tend to creep around the house, but we can be as noisy as we like today! So the washing machine and the Show are both blasting out already. For weeks besides cats, we have had little company in the wee samll hours as the dogs are not good morning company, they only want to sleep.Whereas the kittens are aways pleased to see us up at anytime. The kittens are old enough and have been innoculated long enough now, to venture outside from today!

Being brave enough to let the kittens outside, trusting that they will come back home, is rather like bringing up a child: you nurture him or her, providing all the food, milk and warmth that it requires. It goes from a timid, helpless creature, to gaining confidence enough to get naughty – although Joshua has never climbed up doors or gone to sleep on the dining room table! Yesterday morning they sent a glass vase crashing to the floor, as they were busy bopping flowers.

So this weekend, Nip and Fluff will be encouraged to explore outside and I will trust that they are sensible enough to know where they live and where they will be fed again. We live on a quiet lane at this time of year, after March it gets busier with tourists visiting our neighbours. So they will have to gain road sense while there is little traffic about, as sadly we lost our last kitten on the road outside, so this is always anxious-making. But  they have to learn and they are not intended to be house-cats. So this weekend marks their coming of age.

They are two sisters to look out for each other and our original cat, Uncle Star, will look out for his adopted nieces I hope! I doubt that Joshua will ever be able to make this giant step outside, into the big dangerous world,  on his own, but if he did, just imagine how anxious I would be, as how much more precious is he than two feral kittens?

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