Weekend fun

I was rather bewildered when I first woke up this morning and for several minutes, I did not know what day of the week it was and even what I was doing today. Sometime in the middle of the night, Joshua had come upstairs and climbed into my bed with me, as he was hogging most of the duvet and mattress! But my brain was slow to wake up this morning and then as I realised that it was the weekend, I was delighted:

It does not mean a lie in for me, but it does mean that I can leisurely mooch around in my pyjamas and dressing gown all morning, while doing chores. We are going back to the theatre this afternoon to see the musical ‘Joseph’ ,as the panto was such a big hit. I hope that Joshua gets as much pleasure from his front row seat as he did last time, as Daddy is coming to share this time. He should recognise the music as he has seen it a couple of times before and we used to have the CD at home and for a while when he was younger, he used to adore the introduction to the cowboy-themed ‘One more Angel in heaven’ and he used to stand next to the CD player, just listening to the intrduction over and over again. So much so that he broke the player and wore out the CD. Lets see if there is any recognition there.

It may not be such a sucessful outing this time as sadly, Joshua had threee seizure yesterday: he was up at 2.30 and at 4am, was playing the piano, when suddenly, with a thud, he was lying flat on his back on the floor. It was a very short seizure as he was laughing and smiling soon after and he did not want to sleep it off. His eyes were misbehving on the way to school, he kept doing little shrugs when his eyes would roll up in his head, as though building up to something bigger. I warned the staff as I left him in their care as I was staying in school and sure enough, withing 20 minutes, I had a call to say that he was in the classroom after a seizure. So I went to investigate, to see my washed out boy, phasing in and out, and  I predicted, like a bad fairy, that there was more to come. So rather than going with the class to soft play, he stayed in school where he could be monitored closely and the school nurse was on hand. While in the community cafe, on school premises, he had his third seizure of the morning. I can only imagine how that leaves you feeling, with banging-head, cloudy vision.

By the time I came to take him home at the end of the day, full with bright care, he looked ghastly – blood shot eyes and puffed up face. So I was not surprised when, after his tea, which he enjoyed,he curled up to sleep on the settee, where I could keep a close eye. So in the aftermath of that, let us see what today brings…..

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