Any dream will do

I was so disappointed yesterday around lunchtime, when just after I had got him dressed and ready to go out to the theatre, he had a seizure that knocked him off his feet. I had just put ‘The Show’ on for him and walked back into the kitchen. When I turned around, he had head-butted the armchair, his was face down on the cushion with his bottom up in the air on the arm of the chair. I rolled him off the chair on top of me on the floor, so that he was not going to hurt his face or ribs. But then as the seizure subsided, I found that I was trapped under him. I tried to wriggle out but he grabbed my arm and kept it close around him. I shouted for my husband’s help but he did not hear me as he was outside in the garden it turned out. So we waited on the floor until he came back indoors, finally back with care, back in the armchair.

I thought that he would fall asleep, that he was not now going to enjoy the trip to the theatre that we were heading out for. But he rallied like a trooper and he enjoyed Joseph as the performance opened up right in front of him, as his wheelchair space was right on the front row. He kept drifting away, with his eyes rolling skywards, but thankfully he always returned to us with a big smile. I got plenty of high 5s and kisses during the show. He pointed at his favourite ladies in the audience and he even ate some ice -cream in the interval. It was actually the perfect antidote for a seizure, as no doubt he would have lay on the settee ,staring, if we had stayed at home. Instead he enjoyed live theatre, shared in a fun, sociable afternoon, ate a large portion of lasagne during our italian meal afterwards and had a giggle calling me and our friend ‘cow’! What better way to recover could there possibly be?

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