Handing over the reins

I am going to be away overnight at Mum’s house tonight and so I have been making all sorts of preparations to ensure that all is well in my absence : I have made sure that there is enough casserole for the boys to eat it tonight as well as last night, I have written out reminders about putting the dustbins out and Joshua’s medication, I have stocked up the fridge  and cupboards with tasty, healthy, delicious food and I have put two days worth of nappies in Joshua’s school bag. It looks as though I plan to be away on business for a week, rather than just overnight, but it seems that I am not leaving anything to chance.

Yorkshire Grandma will meet Joshua from school as usual and she will give him his medication and his tea. Depending on how late home my husband is, she will probably give Joshua a bath and change him into his pyjamas for him too, so really he only needs to manage the bedtime routine and after a long Monday at school, particularly with swimming  and physiotherapy on the timetable, he is liable to be fast asleep by the early evening.

In the old days, Joshua used to sleep badly if I was not around to snuggle him, but these days he is happy to go to sleep unaided and he fills the bed by sleeping diagonally across it. I am sure that his nights of respite have improved his bedtime routine no end. He used to be restless if there was a change to the norm, and he was known to tour the house looking for me endlessly, whenever I was away. But now he is more self-contained and I would not expect anything to keep him awake – unless he has a seizure and another wakeful night. I will be two hours away, tucked up in Mum’s spare bed enjoying restful, undisturbed and well-deserved sleep. So, if it does happen, then it will be his Dad who has to cope. If that is the case, I will expect to hear about how exhausting, frustrating and demanding it is, when I get home!



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