Out of control

I was at school yesterday afternoon for a meeting, so thought I would say goodbye to Joshua before I set off and see what kind of day he had had : as I walked towards his classroom, he spotted me and gave me an enormous grin and pointed at me across the dining hall. He was giggling as he was covered from head to toe in flour – he had it all over his clothes but in his ear, on his face and all over his helmet. I looked around and all of the other children had the odd smudge of flour but Joshua looked as though he had been rolled in it! He had certainly had fun in ‘messy play’, apparently it was snow in their sensory story. Yorkshire Grandma would have him stripped within minutes of his arrival home, with his uniform in the wash, so no harm was done. It was such a nice image to see such a happy, giggling, mucky boy before I drove off away for the night, I was smiling as I drove off in the opposite direction to him.

Two and a half hours later I arrived at my mum’s house and I checked my phone, Yorkshire Grandma reported that a very happy Joshua arrived home from school but that he was coated in flour!Her text said that she had fed him, bathed him and he was enjoying ‘Lion King ‘ in his bed. So all was well when my mother and I went out for a delicious, beautiful and fragrant Thai meal. On our walk back from the restaurant I had a text and photo from my husband, that Joshua was not asleep and that he was staring, as though brewing a  seizure. So the boys may not have had as peaceful a night as I have enjoyed. Helpless from this distance, I am just hoping that they both got some sleep eventually, but I will hear about it soon enough I am sure. But I have decided not to text , just in case Joshua has done his usual trick of awake all night then falling asleep at 6am.

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