26 January – a highly significant date

On 26 January 1963 my parents got married, on a snowy day in Donegal and so yesterday would have been their 53rd wedding anniversary, if my father had still been alive. Lately it has always been a significant date in our family and so it seems even more important to mark it in some way, now that my Dad is no longer here to share it. I rejected the idea of sending a card and instead, made my visit with flowers and hot cross buns. Very special, we had our meal out together on Monday night and yesterday we shared breakfast, so mum did not start the day alone, although I left her for work at 7.45. Everyday I am sure that mum misses dad, that must be the case after a lifetime living and sharing together. Remembering all the special times that they shared and exchanging funny stories is our way of keeping Dad’s memory alive today.

Going from mum’s house to my first breakfast meeting was very straight forward. On this important day I was able to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by combining work with a home visit, and I hope to be able to do that more in the future. However, back at home Joshua stayed awake until 5am, so he had his Dad up and down all night, so they might not be so keen for me to repeat this overnight visit in the future. But I will suggest it again, once the memory of the wakefulness has faded!

As a result of his sleeplessness, Joshua made the most of his morning at school by catching up on his lost winks, rather than going 10 pin bowling with his classmates. As I was back in school later, I brought Joshua home with me and he was mildly pleased to see me. I took him home to Yorkshire Grandma, who got a much bigger smile, then called into the office for another 90 minutes to catch up on emails and to prepare for today.

I went back home via a friend’s house to deliver a card and gift to one of my ante-natal class friend’s: unbelievably,one of our ‘babies’ was 15 years old yesterday, so it was a significant date for that family too. It only seems the blink of an eye that us five new mums were meeting up at clinic, each other’s houses while on maternity leave or at Baby massage class and yet now she has grown into  a tall, slim, beautiful young lady! I only briefly stopped to hug her and to find out how she had enjoyed her birthday so far, then headed back home to my’ baby’ too.

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