…is a problem halved

Yesterday I wrote about the online support that parents of special needs children can gain from Forums and support networks, where parents share a diagnosis in common. I think they have their place for an anonymous means of reaching a wide pool of parents on the same wavelength. But there is no real substitute for face to face contact  and today will be my third Parent’s Coffee Morning at school, the first of 2016. I was hesitant at first, only inviting a selection of parents, but they both went so well, it has given me the confidence to make a school-wide invitation to today’s event! It is difficult to bake for an unknown quantity but I am working on the basis that we do not want to be short  and that if we have leftovers, that I will find some volunteers at school to help me to dispose of the remaining chocolate cake, lemon drizzle cake, shortbread and gingerbread.

I hope that the event is well atttended and that the conversation will flow as easily as it has done the previous coffee mornings. Possibly in sharing a hot drink and a slice of cake, we parents make some useful connections for the future.  I have been amused by the news story this week that parents in the North East have had to be told by their Headteacher to wash and get dressed before making the school run! So I am wondering if any of those who attend today might arrive in their PJs and slippers!

Said it before but, I am a great believer in dressing to express the mood or to give a particular impression: I tend to wear dresses for work, they make me feel smarter and more confident. Often I wear bright colours to cheer myself up, on the basis that if I look bright and cheerful, the clothes might help me to feel that way.For this reason, I support school uniform, for Joshua to be able to tell the difference between a school day and a weekend or holiday. For example, If I were to arrive at a daytime event in my nightwear, I would be giving out the signal either that I was very relaxed and comfortable there, or more likely, that I had mismanaged the timings for my morning routine and I ran out of time to attend to myself.

In all of the years that a taxi has been coming  to take Joshua to special school, I have once met the taxi in my pyjamas and it was simply that I ran out of time, as Joshua required changing after getting dressed and that ate into my dressing time and I was cross with myself too, as I had been up since 5am so really had no excuse other than poor time-management. I was embarrassed but the driver and escort were coming to my home, I was not walking through the school gates with all of the other parents and pupils seeing my furry slippers!

So bake to the baking, let us see what the day brings today….


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