Coffee, Cake and Chat

I consider the third Parent Coffee morning at school, yesterday, to be a success  for several reasons :

  • We had mostly repeat ‘customers’ but , a handful of new ones too. We even had two brave Dads who came along and joined in
  • And I did not run out of mugs or cake – I have decided to try a new recipe every coffee morning, to keep things fresh, and my Malteser Squares seeemed to be a hit! I was in trouble however for encouraging several January-dieters to indulge in something sweet and calorific.
  • Now I feel as though I am getting to know some mums much better now, learning more about their families and their children. In fact, I stayed at school in the afternoon for assembly, and was able to see two sons in their classes, who we had been talking about in the morning, which I found helpful.
  • Knowledge and experience was shared over a wide range of topics, including Council financial cuts to Adult Services,the school Carol service, getting an Autism diagnosis, the response of the medical profession when we disagree with them and taking our children out for pub meals and on holiday. Even though we are all very different parents of children with a wide range of disabilities, we still have a lot of common ground
  • Everyone  asked about the next planned event, it will be 26 February, and expressed their intention to return. By aiming for the last Friday in every month, hopefully parents will get into a routine of attending.

Right now I am delighted with how well these parent events have gone down: we are still only involving a relatively small proportion of the school, but I hope that it will gradually grow as the word spreads and that is more manageable for me as the hostess, I would struggle if 50 parents suddenly appeared demanding cake, a hot drink and a seat! The fact that the same core of Mums are returning suggests that, for them, it is working as they would not continue to give up their Friday mornings if it was not either enjoyable or beneficial – one Mum told me that she was happy to come out, to avoid the laundry that was facing her at home!

So, roll on the next Parent Coffee Morning and lets see what it brings….

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