Getting organised

Yesterday I got organised and I made a few entries on my calendar and booked some holidays for both February half term and also August! Half term is just two weeks away, which has caught me by surprise as Joshua seems to have only just gone back to school since Christmas. Joshua is going to have botox injections in his wrist tomrorow afternoon, to try to help to straighten it out. And we need to book in Occupational Therapy appointments from a week afterwards for stretching exercises and splinting, so we have booked two appointments for next week and then we are already missing the next two as we will be away for half term! So the OT will show me the exercises that Joshua will need to do with me on holiday.

The current plan is that Joshua will go to school tomorrow morning, after an early breakfast, and I have asked staff to ensure that he remains nil by mouth and that he is not allowed to steal another child’s toast at morning break, as he likes to do. We have been debating whether of not he is allowed to go swimming, as he is timetabled to do, given the amount of pool water he normally consumes?And I will go to work in the office until 11 and then collect him from school and take him to hospital. Thankfully we have already been shown around Acorn ward and I am hoping that he is early on the theatre list, so that he has a long time to recover, without being admitted overnight!

All of the weekends in February are committed now : seeing grandparents next weekend, half term holiday takes up the following two weekends travelling there and then back and then a family christening for the final Sunday of the month. Then I find that it is Joshua’s birthday weekend – 15 years old sounds so old! Then it will be Joshua’s next weekend in respite and soon, we will be one quarter of the way through 2016 – now how did that happen??

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