Day 11 once more

When I wrote yesterday at 4am, I was not sure what the day would bring but as soon as I gave Joshua his Weetabix at 7am, I knew that he was poorly and that I needed to cancel the taxi, as he was warm to touch and his nose and eyes were streaming, so there was no doubt what I needed to do. I dosed him up with paracetamol and went off to do my work, expecting Yorkshire Grandma to nurse my son in my absence. When I got to my destination, she texted to say that he was burning up and too poorly to get up, as I had suggested. I checked with her for an update at my lunchbreak and I was relieved to hear that he had got dressed and had made it downstairs at least, but that going out was out of the question.

I was able to get away soon after 3pm and I texted again to see if I needed to pick up any medicine or treats on the way home, but got no reply until I was almost home. Joshua looked pale, snuggled under a blanket in the armchair when I got home but he managed to find a smile for me. However Yorkshire Grandma was at pains to explain that this was the perkiest that he had been all day, as he had not held his head up even, for most of the day. And despite this floppiness, he had eaten well albeit slowly. Now that Mummy was back in charge, Joshua led me a dance asking for a ‘bath’ and ‘tea’, so we had headed upstairs for a bubble bath, with his cast wrapped up in a waterproof sleeve.

Deep water had given him bubbles up to his neck and I am sure that helped his sore throat, which he has generously passed onto his mum too. So he was clean and in his pyjamas, and tucked up in his upstairs bed by 7.30 and I came downstairs to have my meal and enjoy a soap opera on TV. Only it was just 20 minutes later, that I heard him on the landing, out of bed, so I brought him downstairs. For another half hour he sat on the settee with me, enjoying some cereal, until he got restless again and was asking for ‘bed’ and pulling at the door of the snug to leave. Finally I got him back into his downstairs bed, but he was out of that shortly afterwards too.

Then he was back in the snug with us both, when he fell to the floor with a seizure and a crash. This will have been why he was so restless and unable to settle, he will have felt that seizure brewing no doubt. So after it had finished, my husband scooped him up off the floor and I snuggled him into bed, hoping that we would both fall asleep. But I gave up wrestling with him after about an hour and it was back to the settee. He finally relented and we both went to bed around midnight, where I presume he slept – I certainly did – until 2am when he woke me climbing out of bed. So we have now been downstairs for over an hour, he has enjoyed hot weetabix and is loving Shrek on my Ipad as I write this! I plan to spend the day at home with him today with a mixture of sleep, work and nursing duties I hope.

I have just noted the seizure on my calendar and I note with interest, that it fell on day 11 since the previous one, which of course was the pattern that he settled on towards the end of last year.

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