Rough day

Joshua and I struggled yesterday, the day began at 2am when Joshua would not go back to bed or sleep, we were in the bath at 5am. Joshua has generously spread his germs to me so we were both battling sore throats, coughs and headaches. As my husband got ready for work, I slid into bed and fell into a deep sleep, so I did not hear him change Joshua, put his helmet on and pop him into bed next to me. The first thing I knew was an hour later when I woke up, and I found him in his bedroom, surrounded by books on the floor, securely shut in upstairs.

We came downstairs and he had another breakfast, while I pottered about doing chores. With the fire lit, I sat at the table to do some work, while Joshua sat staring at his beloved Show on DVD. It was around 11am that his eyes kept rolling up inside his head and so I felt that he was fitting still, so I administered his rescue medication, which has the benefit of being an anaesthetic, so after 15 minutes of resisting it, he finally gave in to sleep. I finished off my work and lay on the settee and had 40 winks while the coast was clear too, like the advice you get with new babies, to sleep when they do!

I woke before he did and went back to my work, while watching him. Then he took a turn for the worse later and had a tummy upset so it was back in the bath. However, we expected him to want an early night, as I did, after his missed sleep but again he kept hopping out of bed. After a while, I went to bed just before 10, telling my husband to listen out for Joshua who was in bed but enjoying a Bruce Springsteen DVD. Night time plan was to get a head start on him, if he was going to be up all night again. Karate chop threw my door open after an hour of deep sleep, and Joshua came into the room, too tired to argue, I threw open the duvet and he climbed into the single bed with me and we had another hour of sleep. Sadly, he then woke me again at midnight when he climbed out, burning hot as his Calpol had worn off.

For more paracetamol and a bowl of Rice Krispies, we came back downstairs.Ordinarily he has cereal at bedtime, as it is a sneaky way of getting him to drink some milk. Right as I was planning on trying to ease him back to bed, Joshua  had another seizure on the settee, poor lad. Calpol brought his temperature down but he usually fits more when he is poorly. And so I had to carry him to his downstairs bed, as his legs were all wobbily and would not support his own weight. Ridiculously heavy as a ‘dead weight’ , I managed to reach the bed with him. I lifted his legs in for him and tucked him up, with me beside him to be able to monitor both his temperature and his seizures.

Next thing I knew, it was 5.30 am and I slipped out of bed, leaving my sleeping boy in peace. Grateful for the hours sleep that I got, I will be better able to cope with the demands of today.

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