Sleepy Sunday

I am pleased to report that I felt consideraby better yesterday, after a few days off my stride, and I was hoping that Joshua would make a similar improvement. But sadly, he still spent much of the day asleep in bed. I went out to the supermarket, leaving his Dad in charge, to stock up for the week ahead – I have to say that I really enjoyed the freedom, having been cooped up indoors for several days – and I was surprised that when I got back at midday, Joshua was still in bed. I tempted him awake with porridge, and he reluctantly sat up, but my grand plans for self feeding/independence are going to have to wait until he is fit and well!

Having had his breakfast in bed, I encouraged Joshua to come downstairs, albeit in his pyjamas. And so he sat on the settee and jigged along to ‘ The Show’ for  a while. Periodically, I told him that I was delighted that he was feeling better, as I thought that he would be fit for school and me for work the next day. Poignantly he gazed at me, then had to have a lie down on the settee, very soon after I uttered those words. Yes, there is no doubt that he understands more than he can say and he lay there quietly for some time, with his eyes open, reflecting.

Minutes later, while I was outside , he whipped upstairs – he can get up them very quickly when he is motivated – and he was in the bathroom, running the hot tap in the bath. Occasionally he has done this and I have not realised, until I have heard the water gushing down the drain and the hot water tank is empty! No doubt that Joshua enjoys his baths, but as I was preparing a sunday roast, I insisted that he could bathe later and instead took him into his bedroom where I put Madagascar /’The Movie’ onto his television. Downstairs again, I watched him from the monitor, snuggle back down in his bed, and go back to sleep.

And so my husband enjoyed his roast pork lunch on his own. Yet I was anxious about my Sleeping Beauty and I only left him for an hour or so, then I woke him and brought him down for something to eat as he had missed his evening meal on Saturday night too, due to his early night. Cuddling up on the settee, after something to eat, is my favourite way to spend a windy, wet, lazy Sunday afternoon, in front of the fire, and Joshua obliged. Later, I finally gave in and allowed him to have the bath that he longed for. Afterwards, he curled back up in bed in fresh PJs, and to my surprise, went back to sleep for three hours. So I was pretty dismayed when around 9pm, I saw Joshua sit up on the monitor and I feared that we were in for a long night of wakefulness, which is the worst way to start the week.

Surprisingly, he enjoyed his Rice Krispies in bed but then he knelt up and started bouncing, showing how awake he was. One at a time I brought him down the stairs, and he beamed to come back into the warm snug and join us. Two minutes later, he was snuggling into me, with his head on my lap, thankfully indicating that he was still inclined to sleep and that he was just lonely and cold , rather than being wide awake. I finished my hot drink and then took him back to bed. I whispered in his ear, as we settled down to sleep, that I would reserve judgement on his return to school in the morning.

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