Home is where the heart is

I have slept well in the silence of the countryside, snuggled in next to my boy. He was excited to get away and we are fortunate enough to have a home from home, which means that he easily slots into his ‘cottage routine’, surrounded by familiar things. I have explained before that Joshua is not someone who is thrown by a change of routine, he quickly makes himself at home in new surroundings and tends to make a tour of any new home he visits before he settles down. But he does not need to do that here, he just picks up where he left off.

‘Back home’ is one of Joshua’s expressions when he arrives and it applies wherever we are staying at the time, so hotel rooms have been called ‘home’ in the past. Now I have been reflecting on what home might mean to Joshua, to someone with a simplistic view of the world : Undeniably, home is somewhere that you can kick your shoes and splints off and lay out on the settee! Home is somewhere that ‘The Show’ will be played on request – we have a copy of the Live 8 concert here as well. For Joshua ,home is somewhere that you feel comfortable enough to wander between rooms freely and possibly, home is where your parents are.

So Joshua has had two weekends in respite now, December and January, and I wonder if he would regard it as ‘home’ yet? In respite,he can wander and relax at will and they play endless rock classics on YouTube for him. So although his parents are missing, there are lots of caring adults surrounding him ready to respond to his every need. I like to think that he considers it to be an alternative home. I know that Joshua has never pined for me, although he makes it clear that he loves me. He lives in the moment, and is accepting of changes of carer and I like to think that he has supreme confidence that,whereever he is and whoever is taking care of him, that he will soon be back home with his mum, so he will enjoy the change in the meantime.

They say that ‘Home is where the heart is’ and that may well be true , in which case as he is so big hearted, such a loving boy, home will always be where he is.

3 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is

      • No, you’re not biased. Josh is really a blessing. Not long ago, I took up a “survival job” (ie a job to make ends meet) supporting people with mild to severe epilepsy. It had a profound impact on me! Over time, I developed a bond with the service users and unlike any other job I had in the past, I was really committed to them. I’d lie in bed wondering whether ABC was okay in hospital or how XYZ would cope on holiday, etc.
        Being a mom, I also admired the mothers of our service users, particularly the single moms who had to go through it solo. Anyway, I can totally relate to your posts.


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