Joshua had a very sleep day yesterday and as I had rather a lot of work matters to resolve, it was quite helpful. I told him, when he finally opened his eyes at midday, that he had enjoyed 7 hours more sleep than me and that that was longer than a day at school! He was oblivious and after his miday bath, he curled up on the settee downstairs for some more winks! I had hoped to get out as it was a stunning day, but the best that we managed was a chilly walk down the village, with our four noisy, excited dogs. He threw some sticks into a stream for them to fetch but that was as energetic as he got.

There could be several explanations as to why Joshua is such a sleepy boy :

  • He is a teenager and engages in typical teenaged behaviour, which involved pulling his duvet up over his head when I call him to get up!
  • Joshua is taking daily potent anti-epileptic medication, and the side effects of both are drowsiness
  • Due to his seizure activity, we have regular disturbed nights of sleep and so he often is playing catch up
  • Joshua’s cerebral palsy means that just walking about or standing upright, takes supreme effort and just that will be much more exhausting for Joshua than it is for physically able children
  • He likes his sleep, it may well be a place where he can dream and where he is not restricted as he is in his daily life. He is very skilled at getting himself comfortable where ever he is to snooze – he can rest his nose on his knees and double in half for a nap in the car or his wheelchair. I recall we took him to the theatre to see Barnum for his birthday once and he ended up on the floor of the box, sleeping on the pile of our coats!

So whatever the reason, Joshua is feast or famine with his sleep, all or nothing. we are either  up all night awake or sleeping until the afternoon, and I often cannot tell which kind of night it is going to be so that keeps me on my toes!


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