Little Town Flirt

Joshua went back to the Occupational Therapist yesterday so that she could inspect his arm, to see how much looser it was since botox and to increase the stetch on his splint. I love the fact that he does not bear a grudge; this lady made him cry when she first fitted this splint, yet he gretted her with a smile and sat beautifully while she did his stretching exercises and then adjusted his splint. I was amused in the waiting room before we went in, that he inspected everyone who was waiting and smiled at the chosen few. He certainly has a ‘type’ who catch his eye, but it is surprisingly varied. He does not always choose the more obvious choice and I wonder if he his selection criteria include twinking eyes.

I was telling the OT how much of a flirt he was and while she was adjusting his splint, she produced a full length mirror for him to admire himself in! He took my mobile phone from me and he posed with it, admiring how cool he looked, which made me laugh. He would look up each time somebody entered or left the department, trying to catch their eye with his smile , but then would resume his posing once they had gone.

When we got back to school, I was still giggling about this and as he made a beeline for the same TA that I had seen him grab the day before, I commented how much he seemed to like her. I shared the hospital story with her and she described him as ‘the biggest flirt in the school’! what an accollade, my son the flirt. In his life, Joshua has not been the best in school for anything and so now maybe he has found his niche, my heart soared.

I will never forget the report that the Head of his mainstream nursery wrote as he left to progress up to primary school,so even then he was honing this skill: she wrote :’Joshua has a real talent for winning hearts’ which I thought was so kind at the time, of course it made me cry, and now we can see that he has developed that skill further and is using it to his advantage, on a daily basis.

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