Welcome to the family Baby George

At yesterday’s christening, Joshua and I received the best welcome ever as we arrived at church. As I pushed the heavy wooden doors open and wheeled Joshua in, a beaming, elderly lady shouted ‘Hooray!!!’ as though we were long lost friends. Of course I responded well and thanked her profusely, asking if she greeted everyone in that  excited, cheerful manner. She replied that she did not, only those who deserved it and we did. I was walking on air as we took our seats right at the front of the church.

Joshua was in heaven, as the music group played right in front of him with their keyboard, guitar, trumpet, drums and even a banjo, so he jigged happily at the front next to Granny. The font was at the back of the church and we were encouraged to gather round as George was baptised. I have to admit to being distracted as the Priest put her microphone down to sprinkle him in holy water, Joshua’s eyes lit up and he started to shuffle his wheelchair forwards and reach out for the precious microphone, his favourite toy of all. I had to intervene, firstly offering him a bible as a distraction but that was rejected and so I had to reverse him out of reach of the prize and so, no real harm was done.

We had a celebration meal in a village hall, which was beautifully decorated in spring flowers and  there was a range of delicious food to choose from too. Joshua again made the most of his long arms and reached out to steal my Aunt’s meal , while he was waiting for his own. He was delighted to see his Aunt, cousin and Granny appear , never looking too surprised but always looking delighted. He met his extended family on my Dad’s side too, my aunts and cousins and their children too, so it was a lot to take in, but he took it all in his stride.

We left at 3.30 and drove across country to my home town, where we joined my husband’s family for a pub meal, so Joshua then met up with his remaining Aunts and cousins and Nanna too. What a day full of surprises and family, we had another heart-felt welcome there too. It was a day to feel blessed to belong to a large family and with three new baby boys joining the family last year, it is a growing throng.

But today we say goodbye to the head of my husband’s household as we attend the funeral and burial for my father in law, my husband’s father and Joshua’s Grandad. I am expecting the same strong sense of family today but the tone will be more sombre.

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