Happy Mothers Day

So we have had an anniversary, a birthday and now today is Mother’s Day, what a run it has been. Yesterday my Mum hosted a lovely birthday party tea for Joshua, which he loved.  She made sandwiches and scones and I brought his birthday cake , which he enjoyed. Last night mum took care of Joshua while my husband and I enjoyed a Thai meal out together, which is a rare event.  So I am grateful for her help yesterday, and everyday. 

Many people say that you do not appreciate your mother truly, until you are one, yourself but I do not think that is really true. I like to think that I valued her before  15 years ago. I have always known that Mum is someone to be relied upon, someone with sensible advice, even if it was not what  I wanted to hear! Mum has high expectations that I do not always live up to, but I do have the internal indicator of ‘ what would  Mum do now/ here?’

For the last 15 years of course, Mother’s Day has meant being thanked as well as feeling grateful myself! Joshua’s dad has always helped him with his shopping – I got beautiful flowers yesterday and he made me a card at school.  My best gift was a poem that I received on my first Mother’s Day , it was great. I know by joshuas smile when he sees me, or even when he sees my photo, that he loves his mum. He cannot feign that reaction. I took a cake into class on Friday afternoon and he beamed when he saw me, pointed and shouted ‘you’re mummy’ , informing the rest of the class and staff, just in case they wondered who I was!

Happy Mother’s Day to those who have or who have lost their mums, those who are not with their mums or those who are close enough to hug. It’s very special and is a day to show just how much we care. Thanks Mum.

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