After effects

Joshua had a seizure at school yesterday, having been very vocal all morning, which is often a sign of an imminent seizure . There was much excitement in class as he repeated some names that he has never said before – he named a peer who he has become ‘friends’ with recently and he named a TA too. I have seen video footage where he identifies both ‘Mummy’ and ‘daddy’ from photographs too. It made my heart melt to see the excitement in his face when he recognised my photograph then went on to identify me.

The words continued last night after school: he asked for ‘tea’, a’bath’ and a’story’. But the price that we paid for the lovely use of language – I always love to hear his deep voice booming out – was a disturbed night. He asked for Lion ‘King’ after his bath and he watched the film in bed and that is usually enough to settle him off to sleep. But as I was making our tea, I heard him moving around on the landing so he came downstairs and had some cereal. I took him into his downstairs bed, but he didn’t stay long and started his ramblings around. He went back upstairs  but I could see from the monitor that he was still busy and not settling down. As my husband had hijacked the television with football, I went upsatirs to read him a story and snuggle him to sleep.

The next thing I knew, it was 11.30 and Joshua was climbing over me to get out of bed. I doubt he had slept at all , whereas I had enjoyed a deep sleep for 90 minutes. So we went back downstairs for some more cereal and we stayed up for quite a while. I am not sure when we both climbed into the downstairs bed again, but I know it was unusally light when I next opened my eyes and my pillow was covered in papers that Joshua was looking at, so I am still not sure how much sleep either of us had.

I will write this update both in his school and respite diaires as he sleepiness today is not going to be my problem, but theirs. But I have found my silver linings, of course,  that hopefully he got the seizure out of the way before the weekend and that it means he should sleep well at his respite provision this weekend, and I know that I will while he is away.

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