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I had a Friday off yesterday that was unusually all about what I wanted to do and those are precious and rare days.I waved a happy Joshua off to school at 8.30, knowing that I would not see him again, if all goes to plan, until Monday evening. That is an enormous amount of free time and I intend to fill it, so that I do not miss him too much. In the morning , I went to visit a friend and we browsed in her local shops in the sunshine, talked a lot and stopped for a cup of tea in a cafe ,it was a  really fun, leisurely way to start the day.

I went from her house to school, where I had signed up for some training into sensory issues surrounding autism. I was early but I deleiberately did not go to visit Joshua in his classroom , to say goodbye again, as that would have been for me rather than for him; he would have expected me to take him with me and not to simply walk away again 3 minutes later. It did however take a lot of self control to stay away and I was hoping for a glimpse of him. The training was interesting and I have brought away some reading around the subject.

I was home again for 3.30 and as neither me nor my husuband had eaten lunch, we had some and then needed a little nap – that is a luxury that cannot just be taken at anytime with Joshua around, so that was a treat. On waking, we discussed our weekend ahead and agreed that rather than going away as planned, it would be more relaxing to stay at home as we have been so busy lately and sometimes, you just need to stand still to catch up. So instead, we booked a meal out and enjoyed that and we sat around chatting to friends who were eating at the next table, until everyone else had gone and they were closing!

Between courses in the restaurant, I called the respite provision for a Joshua-update before the staff shift-change. I spoke to two members of staff who were delighted with him : he had arrived all smiley, had been wandering around between rooms getting re-acquainted and had eaten all of his tea and a birthday cake that they had made for him. He had cooperated and taken a bath and had gone to bed happily. But he had re-appeared cheekily afterwards, which they have not seen before, so they had tucked him back in bed watching a Queen DVD! I wonder if they were in for a sleepless night? They are staffed for it but Joshua will be in a bad way if he has two consecutive wakeful nights. They are going on an outing today, leaving at 8.30, so I wished them good luck with that as he is not a good early riser at weekends. He has developed a new trick as I call out to him from his bedroom doorway, that I will be returning in 5 minutes to get him up : he says ‘no!’ in a determined voice then pulls the duvet over his head and hides, it is hilarious that he tries to hibernate.

To hear the good report on our boy, enabled me to sleep well when we got home and I hope that he has a lot of fun and returns to us after school on Monday, happily.

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