Family matters

While I am very grateful for our respite, for me , his weekends are just one day too long. I thought a lot about Joshua yesterday, more so than the previous day’s, and I am so ready to get him back tonight. I did not phone last night so I do not know how his Sunday went and that may be why I felt his absence more acutely.

We had a very lazy day without him: we used a voucher that my husband received for his birthday, and we had a day in a spa together. It was incredibly relaxing, so much so I kept nodding off. Apparently according to my husband, I was ‘either asleep or doing something annoying’ like flicking through magazines or making shadow hand puppets, as if I am awake, I find it hard to sit still!

We enjoyed a rasoul, saunarium, swimming pool , jacuzzi and steam room and all were lovely. My skin has never felt so clean. We left at 4pm where we went our separate ways: my husband went back home while I caught a train up to Scotland to be ready for work here this morning.

I was met kindly, by my Aunt and her partner and they whisked me off for a delicious meal. We had a giggle and got all caught up on family news with some wine., while we ate. It was a lovely evening to finish off a perfect weekend of respite. But that being said, I am eager to see Joshua tonight when I get home and to read all about his adventures. It feels unnatural that I do not know exactly what he got up to yesterday, but actually this is probably more natural parenting  of a 15 year old. I hope that he is as pleased to see me as I will be to see him!

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