Back together again

I got home from Scotland at 6pm and I pulled into the drive, Yorkshire Grandma was just leaving. She jumped out of the car to give me a hug and to tell me that my son was waiting to see me! He was indeed waiting, when I went indoors, he gave me a huge grin then went back to enjoying Pink Floyd on The Show – he was chuffed but it had just got to his favourite act. So I kissed and hugged him then went to read his school and respite diaries, to soak up the news programme that I had missed since Friday. As I was reading, Joshua decided that he was ready to pay me more attention and he kept calling ‘ Mummy’ across the room. My husband had made our evening meal and so I was presented with a plate of stirfry, which Joshua resented as he wanted me to take him in the bath by then. I promised him that we would bathe after pudding, but he stood at the snug door, switching the lights on and off, plunging us alternately into light and darkness as a very effective protest.

I gobbled my meal down, then obliged by taking him upstairs for a bath and then he watched Lion King in bed and we had a little snuggle, then I came downstairs leaving him to drift off. But an hour later, it seemed that he was still laying awake. I went back upstairs and snuggled in again, this time nodding off myself, until my husband woke me. We had a nightcap mug of tea together, then it was back to bed, where Joshua’s eyes were still open. I guess that the change of routine did not help him to settle to sleep and having managed three nights with nobody to snuggle in his bed, he was now waiting for some fuss and attention, which of course I was more than happy to give, having missed our bedtime sharing of a story and a cuddle.

So here we are back to our routine for another four weeks, which is when he next goes back for a ‘short break’. That April one will be shorter than most as we will be picking him up on Saturday night as we have tickets to see ELO in concert and as it was his Christmas present, he will definitely be joining us and just have one night in respite next month. That will be the last weekend of the Easter holidays, so he will have plenty of fun lined up as I have re-booked our postponed holiday from February half term, to go away from Maundy Thursday so it promises to be a good school holiday. I am a reluctant planner, for fear of events having to be cancelled, but I do enjoy looking at the calendar each day and seeing the fun things that lie ahead in the month and April does look to be jam-packed with fun!

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